Fall Silent

The multi-channel sound installation Fall Silent is based on two components: the sound carpet of a flock of birds chirping with incredible power, and a house that invites the visitor to approach it, stay in it and leave it again. The large number of birds makes the sound eerie, overwhelming, even threatening, but inside the house - which serves as a shelter - the sound is absorbed and muffled.

A phosphorescent guidance system on the floor leads visitors into the house, whose interior walls glow and radiate outward.

The installation evokes associations with many experiences during the pandemic: from the implementation of guidance systems in public spaces that regulate physical movement, to the belief that one can only feel truly protected in one’s own private, isolated, and enclosed space. The chirping of birds represents the state of consciousness of the natural world outside the human world.

5.1 Multi Channel Audio Installation, 5 speakers, Laptop/Player Device, Wooden House, 230 x 200 x 110 cm, Phosphorescent paint, Phosphorescent Orientation System
Exhibited at Maraya Art Centre Sharjah, 2020

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