Fall Silent


5.1 Multi Channel Audio Installation, 5 speakers, Laptop/Player Device, Wooden House, 230 x 200 x 110 cm, Phosphorescent paint, Phosphorescent Orientation System

The multi-channel sound installation Fall Silent is based on two components, the sound carpet of a swarm of birds chirping at incredible force and a house that invites the visitor to approach it, remain inside, and leave again. Because of the large number of birds the sound is uncanny, overwhelming, even menacing, but inside the house - that acts as a shelter - the sound is absorbed and dampened. A phosphorescent orientation system on the floor guides the visitor towards the house in which the inner walls glow and shine towards the outside.

The installation brings forth associations of many experiences during Covid –19: from the implementation of guidance systems in public places regulating physical motion to the belief of feeling only truly protected within one’s own, private, isolated and enclosed space. The chirping of the birds stands for the unaware state of the natural world, despite the current pandemic, and contrasts the human experience with that of other beings in our environment.

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