Scent Field

Maraya Art Foundation, UAE Unlimited 2019 Fellowship, March-August 2019

Scent Fields: “ The unrealistic world or the beautiful things that are under the sea”, 2019

10 soap ingots with fragrance, cabinet, wood, each ingots 12 x 23 x 3 cm 145 x 45 x 100 cm, 10 text sheets, A3+

Soap blocks are provided with scents and smells, which have affinities for personal everyday life. In the moment the viewer is opening the compartments, the smell reminds on personal experiences and they trigger memories. Interviews with residents from the UAE are hanged in form of text-excerpts, the viewer can read simultaniously. The authors were questioned wether they see colors when they smell, or what memories are popping up smelling a specific soap.

The visitor opens the cabinet door and experiences its scent and the memories it triggers of rooms, experiences, people, stories, or feelings. The absence becomes the presence, the intangible experience, bridging time and distance. These have been particularly crafted blending the scents of separate experiences documented in the ques-tionnaire. They become complex scent compositions that are collective memories rather than those tied to a specific individual.