Scent Fields

10 soap blanks cast according to a recipe, 12 x 23 x 3 cm 

Cabinet, wood 145 x 45 x 100 cm, 

10 sheets with texts based on interviews, A3+, framed,

Soap blocks have been cast according to special recipes with scents and fragrances. The smells refer to olfactory experiences of personal everyday life. The moment the viewer opens the compartments, the smells recall personal experiences and trigger memories. 

He experiences the scent, recalling spaces, experiences, the unconscious, stories or feelings. Absence becomes presence, an intangible experience that bridges time and distance. 

These compartments were specially made to blend the scents of each experience documented in the questionnaire. 
The viewer can read these records, gathered in text excerpts, in 10 frames located on a wall. Memories mix here with metaporic representations or descriptions of everyday life.

Maraya Art Foundation, UAE Unlimited March-August 2019