Flights #1, #2, #3 – December 2019 I Flights #4 – March 2020

Digital Photography, Ink-Jet on Hahnemuehle, mounted on Alu-Dibond, 110 x 220 cm

In three large-format photographs, the flight movements over Dubai and Sharjah in 2019 are photographed from different perspectives and positions and digitally layered one on top of the other. Although the appearance is mainly black, the visitor will notice multicolored lines moving vividly across the black surface, indicating movement and progress. In the pre-Covid period, around 50-80 departures per hour could be expected from all airports in Dubai and Sharjah.

A fourth photo shows an almost black image from March 2020 that shows only three flight tracks. There are now only three cargo flights per day from Dubai Airport.

The viewer observes a seemingly different sky landscape - since there are almost no more flights and therefore hardly any traces of movement. In the Covid-19 period, the space above the viewer and with it his perception changed.

The impression of disorientation when looking at planes with traces of light corresponds to the experience the observer has when looking at the starry sky at night; he must use a special navigation system to orientate himself. In the panels, the cutout and portrait format reinforce the feeling of losing your grip in this abstract landscape.