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Actual Portfolio

Artist Portraits, 2023 -

Library, Paper-Installation, 2023

New Editions, Installation, 2022

I wanna Leave, Short Film, 2022

In Uncharted Territories, Art-Book, Kerber, 2020

Tape Studies - 2020-2022

What's Being Told, Short Film, 2021

In Limbo, 2020-

Emigration, Staged Photography, 2019-

Motion + Stasis, Digital Art, 2018

This is what is not, Staged Photography, 2015-

Mannequins, Photo-Research-Book, Kerber, 2018

Fabricalove: Fabrica, Industrial, CD, 2012, with C.Piesker

X-Ray-Portrait, Research Project, Art-Book, 2005, Bühler+Heckel

Vanishing, Performance, 2008

'Love-Parade Berlin', Portraits, 1992-2000

'Love is a virtue: Berlin Parties', Portraits, 1998-2004