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When Artists Talk, Short Film, 2022

What's Being Told, Short Film, 2021

In Uncharted Territories, Research Project, Art-Book, 2020

This must be the work 2020-2022

In Limbo, Drawings on photographs, 2020-2022

How to Wash your Hands, Scent- Installation, 2020

Counter-Image, Research-Project, 2014-2021

Emigration, Staged Photography, 2019

Motion + Stasis, Digital Art, 2018

Radio Restaurant, Short Film, 2019

Analogue Chirping, Sound Installation, 2018

This is what is not, Analogue + Digital Photographs, Portfolio, 2015-2019

Mannequins, Research-Project, Art-Book, Kerber Publisher - 2018

Cloud Cuckoo Homes, Digital Altered Photographs, Portfolio, 2016-17

Collection, 2010

The Mysterious Disappearance of Lady A, 2016

Mr.Psycho, 5x7" Analogue Photographs, Portfolio, 2006-09

Fabricalove: Fabrica, Industrial Sounds + Compositions, CD, 2012, with Christian Piesker

Mould on the wall, mold in the brain, Installation with organic materials and mould, 2016

Roentgenportrait, Research Project, Art-Book, 2005, B├╝hler+Heckel

The Vanishing of the Cold, Performance, Fat, Actor, 2008

Masks, Camera Obscura B+W Prints, 2002-2020

Love...Parade, 4x5" Analogue Photographs, Photo-Book, 1998-2005

Love is a virtue, but I don't have time for that ..., Berlin Portraits, Analogue 4x5" B+W Photographs and Polaroids, 3 Portfolios, 1997-2002

HC 51 Portraits, Polaroid HC 51 4x5" Film, Portfolio, 1998-2001

Kroesslin, 5x7" Analogue Photographs, Portfolio, 2011

Abandoned Occupation, 135mm Analogue Photographs, Portfolio, 1990-1993

Factory Site, 135mm + 6x6cm Analogue Photographs, Catalogue, Portfolios, 1991-1996

Bitterfeld, 135mm + 6x6cm Analogue Photographs, Catalogue, Portfolios, 1992-1995