Daily Records

Daily Records is a compilation of textual elements from international articles, columns, essays, and scholarly publications that report on everyday events during the pandemic and interact with quotations from the context of literature, art, pop culture, and music. Like a generic code, Daily Records combines excerpts, phrases, terms, and headlines that illustrate the power of words, word combinations, and word creations. One is tempted to call the word inventions-and combinations-found in the original texts a “corona language.”

The wallpaper work extends over a wall more than five meters long, deliberately overwhelming the visitor while allowing moments of reflection on patterns of media strategies of crisis management. The structure of the text elements is based on the principle of a mind map, that is, an arrangement of collected textual data linked to references from culture, literature, or art history without directly depicting them. The formation of associations and references is not visible, the reader/viewer establishes them himself.


Text installation, wallpaper printout, 277x535cm

Exhibited at Maraya Art Centre Sharjah, 2020