Tor Seidel is a German artist, photographer, lecturer, author, translator, and curator who studied Art + Philosophy and pursued an MA in Philosophy and Archeology at the Free University Berlin, Germany. He has formerly worked as commercial photographer for clients ranging from Zaha Hadid to Vanity Fair, and as art director for European art, architecture, fashion magazines.

Since 2017 Tor is lecturer in the Fine Arts program at the University of Sharjah, and is represented by The Empty Quarter Gallery in Dubai. He has published three books on the Emirate, ‘The Dubai’, (Hatje - Cantz 2015), ‘Mannequins’, (Kerber 2018), and ‘In Uncharted Territories’ (Kerber 2021) and has exhibited in London, Miami, Berlin, and Venice. Tor received several prizes, like the Syngenta Photo Award in 2017. In 2019 Tor was fellow at the UAE Unlimited 2019 program hosted by HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan which was exhibited at the Maraya Art Center. In 2020 he was presented in his first institutional solo show in the UAE at the Maraya Art Center.

In his capacity as a lecturer, Tor teaches applied photography, conceptual photography, history of photography for bachelor thesis, video, video - installation, video - art, current positions of contemporary art, installation - art. Tor has curated several student exhibitions and organizes for Dior/ENSP/Luma Foundation since 2018 the program Young Talents in Photography and Video at the College of Fine Arts and Design at the University of Sharjah (UAE).

Gilbert + Tor + George, Arles, 2018

Adrian + Tor, Sharjah, 2020