Tor Seidel is a German artist and filmmaker who also works as a professor and author, among other things. He first studied art and then philosophy, earning an M.A. in Philosophy/Archeology/Religious Studies at Freie Universität Berlin. In his work as an artist and photographer, he has traveled extensively in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Mena region.

He has also worked as a commercial photographer for clients ranging from Zaha Hadid to Vanity Fair and as an art director for European art, architecture and fashion magazines. In Berlin, he was active in various art collectives, such as Haus des Lehrers and Urban Catalyst. Tor performed on artistic media stages, including several times at Pecha Kucha. Together with artists such as The Static Hand, James Welburn and Fabrica, he produced various soundtracks and albums.

Since 2017, Tor has been a professor in the Fine Arts Program for Video/Installation and Photography at the Fine Arts College, University of Sharjah. 

He has published two books on the emirate, "The Dubai", (Hatje-Cantz 2015), "Mannequins", (Kerber 2018), and has exhibited in Dubai, London, Miami, Berlin, Sharjah, and Venice, among others. 

Tor has received several awards, including the 2017 Syngenta Photo Award, and was nominated for the German Photo Book Award in 2015 and 2018. 

Tor was a participant of the UAE Unlimited exhibition "Tashweesh" 2019 collaboration with Maraya Art Centre. 

His first institutional solo exhibition in the UAE "In Uncharted Territories" at Maraya Art Center was on view in 2020.

Kerber published another artist book by Tor, "In Uncharted Territories," a documentation of the seven elements of his solo exhibition in 2020, in collaboration with philosopher Jay Hetrick. 

In 2022, Tor also completed the first two episodes of "I Wanna Leave," an experimental arthouse film project that will continue. 

Gilbert + Tor + George, Arles, 2018

Adrian + Tor, Sharjah, 2020