Wooden case, 10 glass compartments, 68 soaps, front glass with 10 scent holes, 160 x 80 cm.

Scented soaps are arranged in a depot-like display case. Separated from the outside by a front glass, there are holes that invite you to smell them; however, a membrane-like paper film restricts further exploration by the sense of smell. The colors and shape of the soaps are barely discernible, the scents barely perceptible and indistinguishable. One seems to be subject to an illusion, a reproduction of real objects, indeed simulacra. 
Olfactory and sensory stimuli can become weaker due to an infection with Covid-19, even disappear over a longer period of time.
When the senses diminish, the perception of things also changes. Loss of the sense of smell most clearly indicates infection with Covid-19. No longer being able to smell robs the variety of life of its essential meaning.