When the senses weaken, the perception of things also changes. The loss of the sense of smell most clearly indicates an infection. No longer being able to smell robs the variety of life of its essential meaning.
Smell and sensory stimuli can also weaken or disappear over a long period of time.

Colored, scented soaps are arranged in a depot-like cabinet. The soaps are separated from the outside by a glass front in which there are holes that invite smelling.  A membrane-like paper foil limits the possibility of further exploration with the senses. The originally perceivable colors are barely discernible, only a pastel-colored image is presented, the scents cannot be differentiated. The screen, behind which the scent objects lie, acts like a meme, becoming the informative equivalent of the object soap.

Wooden case, 10 glass compartments, 68 soaps, front glass with 10 scent holes, 160 x 80 cm. Maraya Art Center, 2020