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In Uncharted Territories
is the foretelling title of the first institutional solo exhibition by German photographer and artist Tor Seidel in the U.A.E. – even more so as the presented artworks have been specifically produced and are borne out of a feeling of shifting realities in a time of utmost uncertainty. All artworks on display are inspired by the recent and ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic and address how perceptions shift in a time of existential crisis, how our awareness is challenged, certainties get crushed, global patterns of economy and mobility slow down, and social interaction is put to the test. Covid-19 marks a turning point for the global community, having affected each and every single one of us, with a future yet unknown. Tor Seidel takes the viewers on a journey with an open-ended narrative by presenting six new works thoroughly choreographed and spanning many disciplines, such as sound, video, text, photography and installation – showing both the diversity in the artist’s practice and the need for different forms of approach 
to address a phenomenon as complex and unheard of as the recent pandemic.

Maraya Art Center, Sharjah, UAE, September 24 - November 28, 2020



New Signs, Al Hamriya Studios, 2019

Myuniform, Al Hamriya Studios, 2019

The Moment we smell: Tashweesh, Maraya Art Center, 2019


Chromatic Sequence, Rewaq Gallery 2019

Memories can't wait, 2018


Contemporary Visions, 2018


Start 18, Rewaq Gallery 2018

From Landscape to Cityscape, 2017

Mannequins, Tashkeel, 2017

Sequence II, The Empty Quarter Gallery, 2017

Versatile, Rewaq Gallery 2017

Just a Look, XVA Gallery, 2016

Now: Hermetically, J+A Gallery, Dubai 2013