This is only a selection of important exhibitions and events of the last 10 years. The list will be completed and updated.


Solo Show, Summer Exhibition at the CFAD, Sharjah, UAE

19th June - 30th July


The current summer exhibition 'Examine in Detail' brings together works from 2018 to 2022 that at first glance seem unrelated.

But there is a line that runs through conceptually: the expectation of change, a feeling that everyone knows. 

This Must Be The Work,

I.E.Art Projects, March-April 2022, Virtual Solo Exhibition


In the post-digital age, digital clutter is part of the household of the good aesthetic school. One has set oneself up digitally. Anything that flickers, that appears random, that can be sampled, transformed, randomly disturbed, and generated, may be used.

But the digital noise has long since tired the eye of the flesh - soon the afterimages fade, nothing remains in the memory. Machine eyes, on the other hand, are insensitive and can remember.

I've tried to translate this post-digital aesthetic, now firmly rooted in feeling and action, into tangible things like foil, tape, or balloons. In addition, I resort to signal effects of many everyday objects, such as stop and notice signs, indicating social distance, which in the age of the pandemic have come to unimagined bloom. One begins to see things again when they are taken out of their usual context. In a next step, unfortunately, the resulting works must endure being repackaged.

The packaging of the original in foil, which in any case consists only of foil, tape, and acrylic, raises the question: which work is now the real one? The inner one or the outer one? I could go on with this, wrap it ten times and cover it again with tape, and so on. I allude here to the meaning of original, duplicate and edition or fake. With the original, which just remains visible, a new work is created - through packaging with tape remnants and bubble wrap. The new work refers to its original and pretends to be an original itself. So, if you want to unpack the original, earlier work, you destroy the subsequent one.

One must decide: This must be the work!

Wamda; A Glimpse

‘Wamda; A Glimpse’ – March 2022

This exhibition, titled ‘Wamda; A Glimpse’ celebrates the United Arab Emirates 50th Golden Jubilee (December 2nd 2021), by taking a glimpse back at the highlights of the past six years of UAE Unlimited, an Abu Dhabi-based satellite platform supported by H.H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan and spearheaded by, The exhibition is a showcase of the progress the platform has made, reflecting of on this moment of the UAE, the nation UAE Unlimited proudly calls home. At its core the initiative aims to create opportunities for artists residing in the UAE, and thereby contributing to the overall cultural landscape in the UAE. It supports emerging Emirati and UAE-based artists by responding to the needs of the local art ecosystem, producing and promoting their works through strategic collaborations with art and culture organizations across the country. The exhibition draws highlights from UAE Unlimited’s past 6 exhibitions with a selection of 28 works by 16 visual artists and 4 poets. The first exhibition, which took place in 2015, was titled ‘A Public Privacy’, and was held at the Dubai Community Theater and Art Center, and was curated by artists, Cristiana de Marchi and Mohammed Kazem. The second show, in 2016, titled Al Haraka Baraka (an Arabic expression meaning ‘in movement there is blessing’) was curated by Alexandra MacGilp, at Maraya Art Center. In 2017, the third exhibition, held at Abu Dhabi’s Warehouse 421, was titled Bayn: the In-Between was curated by Munira Al Sayegh and advised by Maya Allison, Executive Director and Chief Curator of NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery. The fourth exhibition, in 2018, held at Concrete, Alserkal Avenue, titled Ishara: Signs, Symbols and Shared Languages was curated by Karim Sultan with Laura Metzler as senior advisor. The fifth iteration, in 2019, titled Tashweesh: material noise, was curated by Laura Metzler and held at Maraya Art Centre. From the sixth edition, in 2020, titled Intimaa: Belonging, was curated by Nasser Abdullah, and held at NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery.

UAE Unlimited Executive Director: Shobha Pia Shamdsani

Exhibition production: Aleksei Afanasiev and Khalid Abdulla

Artists: Shaikha Al Mazrou, Vikram Divecha, Zeinab AlHashemi, Ammar Al Attar, Hazem Harb, Talal Al Ansari, Maytha Al Shamsi, Sheikha Al Ketbi, Saba Qizilbash, Amna Al Dabbagh, Salem Al Mansoori, Rawdah Al Ketbi, Tor Seidel, Zara Mahmood, Majd Al Loush, & Saeed Al Madani

Debating Computational Creativity Forum

At the Debating Computational Creativity Forum I had the great opportunity to talk about this topic: Operational versus depictional images. The use of Artificial Intelligence in conceptual art.

Debating Computational Creativity @ CFAD
The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its incorporation in various aspects of our daily lives accelerated the need to consider the role of AI in the creative industry. “Debating Computational Creativity” is a joint forum between the colleges of Fine Arts and Design & Computing and Informatics, aimed to introduce its audience to the role of AI in the creative industry and considered collaborative opportunities this technology presents to both the creatives and innovators. Invited presentations by faculty from both colleges and fine arts student Hamda Al Thani highlighted their work in AI and its applications in art and design, both as a tool and final product. Themes discussed included Deepfake, Smart Design and Internet of Things, Data Driven Innovation, and Creative Content Generation. The joint forum was organized by Dr. Wael Rashdan (interior design) and Dr. Mohammed Lataifeh (computer science). # #artificialintelligence #ai #ai #art #creativity

In Uncharted Territories

Uncharted Territories – September 2020-January 2021

In Uncharted Territories is the foretelling title of the first institutional solo exhibition by German photographer and artist Tor Seidel in the U.A.E. – even more so as the presented artworks have been specifically produced and are borne out of a feeling of shifting realities in a time of utmost uncertainty. All artworks on display are inspired by the recent and ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic and address how perceptions shift in a time of existential crisis, how our awareness is challenged, certainties get crushed, global patterns of economy and mobility slow down, and social interaction is put to the test. Covid-19 marks a turning point for the global community, having affected each and every single one of us, with a future yet unknown. Tor Seidel takes the viewers on a journey with an open-ended narrative by presenting six new works thoroughly choreographed and spanning many disciplines, such as sound, video, text, photography and installation – showing both the diversity in the artist’s practice and the need for different forms of approach 
to address a phenomenon as complex and unheard of as the recent pandemic.

Maraya Art Center Link,

Sharjah, UAE, September 24, 2020 - January 28, 2021


UAE Unlimited – Tashweesh

UAE Unlimited – Tashweesh 2019

Tor Seidel, Spectrum, Maraya Art Center, 2019


UAE Unlimited - Tashweesh

UAE Unlimited – Tashweesh 2019

Tor Seidel, Scent Fields, Maraya Art Center, 2019


New Signs, Al Hamriya Studios, 2019

Myuniform, Al Hamriya Studios, 2019

Chromatic Sequence, Rewaq Gallery 2019

Memories can't wait, 2018


Contemporary Visions, 2018


Start 18, Rewaq Gallery 2018

From Landscape to Cityscape, 2017

Mannequins, Tashkeel, 2017

Sequence II, The Empty Quarter Gallery, 2017

Versatile, Rewaq Gallery 2017

Just a Look, XVA Gallery, 2016

Now: Hermetically, J+A Gallery, Dubai 2013