Chromatic Sequence

Chromatice Sequence, Installation, 8 colored soap ingots, diverse sizes, hood: 220 x 120 x 40 cm, Rewaq Gallery, CFAD Sharjah, 2019

Under a glass cover are 8 poured soap bars. They contain special dyes and perfumes. Opening one of the three closers, the viewer can close their eyes to breathe in the scent, or look at the colors of the pieces at the same time. Some of my interviewees turned out to be synesthetes, they see colors when they hear sounds, or when they smell something, they see colors or certain things:

It smells like a Thursday afternoon
The color relates to a harmonious sound, rhythmic
Highs and lows
Like the sea
The smell emphasises the moment the knife peels of the skin from the mango, not the sound, but that first slice / contact
It feels like it's a voice with no beauty that only I can hear
I think the color of this soap goes well with the smell
Sunday - blue / sky blue
Monday - orange or dark green
Tuesday - lime green
Wednesday - pink or green
Thursday - navy blue + sometimes dark green
Friday - pearl white
Saturday - pink and peak

The scent in the glass showcase is mixed, but when you use one of the three openings, it always smells a little different. With time, even in this conversion device, the smell and color will "fade", just as memory changes.