Library: A film about the installation 'Library' in the Ayyam Gallery 2023


The video shows an installation in the Ayyam Gallery in Dubai in 2023. Tor Seidel works here with perceptual illusion. The visitor enters the gallery and sees a bookshelf with books next to paintings and sculptures. He merely thinks to himself, o.k., there are some books. Later he realizes that they are in fact paper dummies. Tor Seidel questions this moment of discovery, the moment of delusion, when we realize, that something is what we think it is, even though it is not. The paper-acrylic installation was part of the Faculty Show at the College of Fine Arts and Design at the University of Sharjah.

Curator: Thaier Helal

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Breath, 12 min, HD, 2020

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When Artist's Talk

I Wanna Leave (Episode 1): When Artist's Talk, 26 min, HD, 2021

What's Being Told

I Wanna Leave (Episode 2): What's Being Told, 12.50 min, HD, 2022

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Tor Seidel: X-Ray-Portrait, Festspielhaus Dresden Hellerau 2003

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