Memories can't wait


Memories can't wait, Soap-Installation, Text, 300 x 110 cm

A collection of soaps is displayed in a hermetically sealed cabinet. Next to the cabinet is a text with descriptions of smell of the soaps inside the box-cabinet. A smell-space for all soaps is proposed and they will be related to sorted metaphors, so that the viewer can read those informations and blend them with the smell-contemplation of the soaps. 

Most objects in Art ( film, scuplture, painting), we do consider without smelling them. We hypothetically see the smell, (in film: Stalker f.e.) and we do recognice the scents - as an abstract notion. Hence, the smell-object in this installation is as well not to smell, but in the moment the viewer is realising this fact, because he wants to smell what he sees, he is remembering the scent. Maybe.