Memories can't wait, Tashkeel, 2018

"Memories can't wait", 

Soap-Installation, Text, 300 x 110 cm

A collection of soaps is displayed in a hermetically sealed cabinet. Next to the cabinet is a text with descriptions of smell of the soaps inside the box-cabinet. A smell-space for all soaps is proposed and they will be related to sorted metaphors, so that the viewer can read those informations and blend these with the smell-contemplation of the soaps. 

Most objects in Art ( film, scuplture, painting) we do consider without smelling them. We hypothetically see the smell (in film f.e.) and we do recognice the scents - as an abstract notion. Here, the smell-object is as well not to smell, but in that moment the viewer is realising the fact, cause he wants to smell them, he remembers the scent.