As an artist, one is inspired by the desire to break out of the uniformity of everyday life, and this must also be one of the main motivations. 
You want to feel bigger, freer and more individual, to convey uniqueness, originality with your works. 
With MyUniform, I designed costumes that are way too big and reflect that longing: to be a little different, unique, more significant. 
There is a certain irony in this that reflects the original longing of the youthful artist.
But in it there is also a hypertrophy, a lack of understanding. One feels aloof and special, subject to a certain narcissism. As an artist, one wants to be different from one's fellow men; and sometimes one stumbles over one's narcissism and finds, apart from the pompous, grand staging: nothing.
Indian Cotton, Bottle-Green, Turquoise, Marine-Blue, Safran Yellow, Bordeaux Red etc.
Different sizes, average approximtely 450 x 500 cm,
Exhibited at Sharjah Art Foundation, Al Hamriya, 2018, Maraya Art Center, 2020