Remains of the Holy Beuys


Remains of the Holy Beuys‭, ‬Object‭s,

‬Soap‭, Glasshood, ‬45x45‭x30 ‬cm, Art Cologne feat. by Galerie Tristesse De Luxe, 2009

This ironic work reflects the role of the artist in the world‭. ‬Most of the remains of a wellknown artist - photographs, drawings, writings,  clothes, socks, bones etc., are loaded with meaning‭, ‬even if they are just banal things‭. ‬A tooth of soap symbolizes this process of mediation of any importance‭, ‬hence here that of the remains of a major artist like the tooth‭, ‬the buttocks‭, his ‬brain shell‭, the ‬costal arch‭.‬