Soap Collections


Soap Collection‭, ‬Installation, Photography‭, Object, Galleries: Tristesse De Luxe, Berlin-Weekly, Tashkeel, Rewaq, 2007-2018

The true collector‭, ‬so Walter Benjamin‭, ‬must lift the subject of its contexts of meaning‭, ‬in order to reach an incomparable view‭ ‬of the subject matter‭ - ‬the view of the grand physiognomist‭. ‬And so it is in each of its objects the world present‭. ‬But it fades the hope of a completeness of things‭. ‬Therefore‭, ‬the collector is also a allegorist‭, ‬no longer considered on an uncanny entirely‭, ‬but only to the mystery of many interconnected things‭.‬

For the german philosopher Ernst Jünger the disaster is a condition of collecting‭: ‬in the loss of cultural heritage the sense is‭ ‬refining for this‭, ‬the disappearance is sharpen the perception of their inherent order‭. ‬Through debris and fires holds exercise‭ ‬an illuminating principle‭. ‬Where not destruction‭, ‬there is no collection‭.‬